FLNG World Congress 2016


This was the official site of the 2016 FLNG World Congress.
Floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) refers to water-based liquefied natural gas (LNG) operations employing technologies designed to enable the development of offshore natural gas resources.

Content is from the site's 2016 archived pages.

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Overview of FLNG World Congress 2016

The FLNG World Congress 2016 is the premium international FLNG event, bringing together the entire value chain of FLNG stakeholders from project developers and owners to EPC companies, shipyards, banks and technology providers.

Despite several high profile cancellations, the FLNG market still has a promising future as Petronas Satu approaches its start date and project developments continue for Ophir Energy, Delfin LNG and ENI’s Coral FLNG. To add context and analysis to this current FLNG market landscape, we are pleased to present The FLNG Industry Overview 2016. Within it’s pages you will you will hear from industry experts answering questions including:

•    How should we view the current market trends?
•    How can project financing be secured?
•    What are the best practices for new-build interface management?
•    What is the industry outlook?



  • Petronas’ PFLNG1 is expected to commence operations in 2016
  • Ophir Energy’s Fortuna FLNG still set for mid-2016 FID
  • ENI’s Coral FLNG development plan approved by Mozambique
  • Delfin FLNG project pushing ahead at for Port Delfin project
  • Exmar, PEP cancel Caribbean FLNG deal
  • Browse FLNG decision delayed
  • Petronas Delays PFLNG2


There are plenty of opinions on where the FLNG market is headed in 2016-18 in the current oil price environment. The question is, do you have enough critical market intelligence to make an informed one?

There are plenty of opinions on where the FLNG market is headed in 2016-18 in the current oil price environment. The question is, do you have enough critical market intelligence to make an informed one?

  • Engage in critical discussions and obtain critical market intelligence to plot our your investment roadmap in the FLNG space
  • Engage critical stakeholders in the present debate on the FLNG market—Where, What, How and When will projects continue despite the low oil price
  • The FLNG World Congress is the largest global event for the FLNG community—unlock the critical 10% of otherwise inaccessible information at our Congress this year


"I attended this amazing event and was impressed with the huge amount of expertise available in one room. Super highly technical information that was both cutting edge and applicable right now, especially in the liquifaction processes. I even had an epiphany outside my field when I met a fellow attendee Bob Sakayama, CEO of TNG/Earthling, who turns out to be an expert in search engine optimization. We chatted for over an hour on how ranking in Google for certain words can be a significant factor in how well a product sells, or how widely information can spread. This conversation by itself made this event meaningful for me." Dennis Martin




Congress Day One, 28 June 2016

8:30 AM Registration and Welcome Coffee

9:00 AM Opening Remarks from Chairperson

Setting the Scene: LNG Market Review

9:10 AM Global LNG Market Dynamics & Implications on FLNG Investments

  • Overview of global LNG demand markets 
  • Assessing LNG supply capacities from Australia, Qatar, US, Iran, Russia: How will this further impact LNG prices?
  • Is it still economical to develop FLNG projects under current LNG market conditions?


 Karthik Sathyamoorthy
Karthik Sathyamoorthy
Galway Group


Regional Government Perspective: FLNG in Indonesia
9:50 AM A Balanced & Comprehensive Approach to Monetizing & Optimizing Stranded Offshore Gas in Indonesia
  • Current state of Indonesia’s LNG market
  • Devising a successful national LNG strategy: Commercial – Operational – Utilization 
  • FLNG: Is it a viable solution for Indonesia’s stranded gas assets?


 Sampe Purba
Sampe Purba
Vice President of Gas Commercialization
SKK Migas


10:30 AM Morning Teabreak & Networking Break

Leading FLNG Project Updates

11:00 AM Developing Africa’s First Deepwater FLNG Project, Offshore Equatorial Guinea

  • Field development updates on Block R, offshore Equatorial Guinea
  • Why FLNG? Revisiting key investment drivers and considerations
  • Fortuna FLNG – Project challenges, schedules and milestones-to-date
  • Next steps for Fortuna FLNG
Dr. Oliver Quinn
Dr. Oliver Quinn
Director of Africa & Global New Ventures
Ophir Energy


11:40 AM Video Presentation by Wison Offshore & Marine Ltd.

Sponsored by: Wison Offshore & Marine overview

Wison Offshore & Marine

11:45 AM Delfin LNG Export Project: Leveraging FLNG Technology in the Race to Export US LNG

  • Updates on the Delfin LNG Deepwater Port project in the offshore gulf of Mexico
  • Recounting initial considerations on investing in FLNG technology to expedite project commercialization
  • Updates on Delfin’s LNG four FLNGVs conceptual design and development plans
  • Anticipated project schedules and timelines


Frederick Jones
CEO, Fairwood & Founder
Delfin LNG


12:25 PM Optimizing Mooring System Costs for FLNGs

  • Definition through pre FEED and FEED
  • Company vs. industry standards
  • Project execution requirements and schedules
 Arun Duggal
Arun Duggal
Director of R&D;


12:55 PM Lunch & Networking Break


2:00 PM Processing LNG Offshore: Maximizing Reliability, Performance & Safety

  • How much onshore liquefaction experience can we leverage? 
  • LNG technology selection and design configurations for offshore liquefaction
  • Have we adequately resolved major operating concerns when it comes to offshore liquefaction?
  • Lessons learnt in enhancing floating liquefaction’s reliability, performance and safety
 Inga Bettina
Inga Bettina
Business Development Manager
Kanfa Aragon AS


Establishing Viable FLNG Projects
2:30 PM Revisiting the Economics of Floating vs. Onshore Liquefaction Projects in the Current LNG Price Market
  • Investigating the costs drivers of FLNG projects: How does it compare with onshore liquefaction?
  • What are the distinct development advantages with each option?  
  • Factoring in current market conditions, when does it make sense to invest in FLNG vs. onshore liquefaction?
 Cyrille Scart
Cyrille Scart
Consultant - LNG & Natural Gas
Poten & Partners


3:00 PM Estimating the Costs of Developing an FLNG Project

  • Reviewing the key capital expenditures for FLNG projects
  • Provisioning for incidental costs such as delays in progress and disputes
  • What other costs elements should we take into account when it comes to ascertaining bids quality and developing reasonable schedules?
  • Factoring in FLNG project risks and associated costs
 Andrew Duncan
Andrew Duncan
Principal Advisor
Gaffney & Cline


3:30 PM Afternoon Tea and Networking


4:00 PM Panel Discussion: Funding Relatively New, Untested Technologies: What will make Banks Commit to Investing in FLNG?

  • Reviewing key FLNG investment concerns/ considerations
  • For FLNGs, is a sales and purchase agreement (SPA) an absolute pre-requisite?
  • Is there any room for fundingspeculative FLNGs?
  • Assessing available financingoptions and structures for FLNG projects
 Travis Maurer
Travis Maurer
First Vice President
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking


 Adolfo Dindo Abueg
Adolfo Dindo Abueg
Co-Head Project Finance
Korean Development Bank


 Marc-Henry Lebrun
Marc-Henry Lebrun
Managing Director, Deputy Head of Finance & Advisory APAC
Societe Generale


4:30 PM FLNG Stakeholders Panel: Investigating FLNG Project Economics, New Opportunities & Challenges

  • Examining the cost-competitiveness of large, small-midscale, nearshore FLNG projects in the current price landscape
  • Where are the emerging hotspots for FLNG deployment?
  • Reviewing FLNG project development considerations
  • How can the industry work collectively towards expediting FLNG sector growth?
 Robert Germinder
Robert Germinder
Senior VP, Director - Floating Oil & Gas Solutions
Black & Veatch
Dr. Oliver Quinn
Dr. Oliver Quinn
Director of Africa & Global New Ventures
Ophir Energy


5:10 PM FLNG Industry Review & Predictions for the Next 5 Years

  • Overview of FLNG order books, schedules and projects status
  • Will FLNG play a central role in future offshore activities?
  • Analysing FLNG demand trends: Nearshore vs. large-scale vs. midscale projects 
  • Comparing FLNG industry developments with FPSO: What will it take for FLNG to be adopted on a wider-scale?
 Kelvin Sam
Kelvin Sam
Principal Researcher
IHS Energy


5:45 PM Day One Closing Remarks & Networking Cocktail Reception


Congress Day Two, 29 June 2016

8:30 AM Registration and Welcome Coffee


9:00 AM Chairman's Opening Remarks

Deigning, Building & Constructing FLNGs
9:10 AM Commercializing FLNGs – Offshore FLNG Engineering Advancements & Lessons Learnt
  • Revisiting Technip’s FLNG journey: Initial challenges and roadblocks
  • FLNG engineering milestones from FEED through to project execution
  • Refine and improve: What are the lessons learnt when it comes to developing liquefaction projects for offshore environments?
 Lorenzo Disaro

Lorenzo Disaro
FLNG Business Development Manager


9:50 AM FLNG Conversions & New Builds: Reviewing Unique Engineering Challenges & Intricacies

  • Overview of B&V FLNG experience in both conversions and new builds
  • What are the distinct engineering advantages and challenges for conversions and new builds?
  • How will FLNG topsides design and layout vary especially with limited deck space in conversions?
  • Major lessons learnt and milestones achieved 
 Robert Germinder

Robert Germinder
Senior VP, Director - Floating Oil & Gas Solutions
Black & Veatch


10:30 AM Morning Refreshments & Networking Break


11:00 AM Executing FLNG Projects – Technical Challenges from Development through to Start-Up

  • A review of key challenges and complexities
  • How can we better integrate key FLNG facilities, topsides and hull?
  • Ensuring FLNG performance and safety in offshore conditions: What are the foreseeable issues and solutions? 
 Andrew Loose
Andrew Loose
Technical Director FLNG & LNG


11:40 AM Video Presentation by Wison Offshore & Marine Ltd.


Sponsored by: Wison Offshore & Marine overview

Wison Offshore & Marine

11:45 AM Demystify FLNG Topsides Layout & Structural Integrity – Optimal Designs, Weight & Modules Layout

  • Layout philosophy for FLNG modules, key processing facilities and living quarters – How can we achieve maximum performance and safety?
  • FLNG deck space and weight constraints: How can we accommodate for higher density facilities?
  • Understanding the dynamics between topsides and hull: Key interactions, impacts and consequences
  • Investigating the external interfaces of the FLNG and its impact on topsides layout


Partha Dev
Devtree Consultants


12:25 PM Application of Transfer Hoses for FLNG Transfer Systems

  • Development of large bore cryogenic composite hose manufacture/ design/ testing and qualification
  • Design analysis for different installation applications/ systems
  • Flexibility and capability of hoses
 Simon Bishop
Simon Bishop
Product Group Manager - LNG
Dunlop Oil & Marine


12:55 PM Lunch & Networking Break


2:00 PM Developing Cost-Competitive & Flexible FLNG Conversion Projects

  • Flexible FLNG designs – how can cater to different fields, varied gas composition and liquefaction requirements?
  • Strategies on balancing project-specific commercial and technical parameters whilst ensuring reliable FLNG performance and safety
  • Leveraging FPSO conversions experience: How can we lower FLNG CAPEX and maintaining on-track schedules?

2:40 PM FLNG Working Group Roundtables

How does this work?

Delegates will be free to choose a roundtabletopic of their choice. Each table will last 45-minutes followed by a summary ofthe key takeaways. This format is highly interactive and will allowparticipants to share, discuss and debate their experiences. The roundtablesessions will be moderated by the congress chairman.

3:40 PM Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break

Moving Forward FLNG Developments: Safety Management & IGU Perspective on the FLNG Market
4:10 PM Enabling a Safe FLNG Operating Environment – Managing & Mitigating Offshore Liquefaction Risks


  • Investigating the risks associated with offshore LNG processing and tanker offloading
  • Marinization of LNG technologies: Has it reached a state of maturity?
  • Monitoring and mitigating effects of the Loss of Primary Containment (LOPC)
  • How can we safeguard FLNG against fires and explosions?
 Mike Oxley

Mike Oxley
Process Engineering Technical Authority


4:50 PM International Gas Union (IGU) Perspectives on FLNG & Ongoing Analysis

Perspectives on global challenges and opportunities for FLNG will be discussed based on analysis performed over the 2012-2015 IGU Triennium and ongoing analysis to be conducted through 2018. In addition, salient safety issues and best practices will be discussed as they are proposed for the IGU study. Data on FLNG from the forthcoming IGU "World LNG Report, 2016 Edition" will also be presented.
 Ted Williams

Ted Williams

Director, Codes & Standards
American Gas Association



5:30 PM Chairman’s Closing Remarks & End of 2016 FLNG World Congress



An aside: As in previous years I planned a number of business appointments in Singapore just before the FLNG World Congress. The 2016 event was different from other FLNG conferences because they chose to be co-located with the 2nd Annual FSRU Asia Summit. It was great for attendees like myself since it created added networking possibilities where I could broaden my conversations with others during shared coffee breaks. I can attest there were lively debates on a number of subjects including field development, FEED lessons and FLNG vessel redeployability. I was particularly interested in the latest technologies in liquefaction and topside equipment. The conference was a success from my stand point. It will be interesting to see how some of my networking pans out.

After these conferences I always meet up with my wife at some exotic locations for a little R&R. In 2016 we decided to stop off in Maui, Hawaii. We chose a lovely resort rental in Kaanapali located on the western coast of Maui. The area has a number of amazing golf courses. The Kaanapali Beach area is home to two glorious golf courses with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and West Maui Mountains. The Par 71 Robert Trent Jones, Sr.-designed Royal Kaanapali course has hosted the Champions Tour Kaanapali Classic for 14 years, as well as the Canada Cup and the LPGA Kemper Open. We were both looking forward to playing that particular course as well as several others including the Plantation Course at Kaplua Bay and the Gold Course at the Wailea Golf Club. I rendezvoused with my wife in Kaanapali two days after the end of the FLNG World Congress. Bless her for lugging our golf clubs from New Orleans to Maui. FYI: Maui was as fantastic as everyone that recommended it said it would be.



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